"A Rory. It's just a small silver thing set on a large black base. What did you say?"

"I didn't say anything. I was just about to ask what the silver ..."

"Oh, I thought you said `wop'."

"Said what?"


How do I make a WAV-file of myself

For Windows 98/2000:

Almost all sound cards can also record sound. All you need is a microphone, which you plug into the microphone plug in the sound card.

Make sure your sound settings allow sound input from the microphone. To do this open Start / Programs / Accessories / Entertainment / Volume Control, and choose Options / Properties. In the window that pops up select "Recording" and check "Microphone" if it is not already checked. Press OK

Now make sure the volume is turned up for "Microphone" and that it is not disabled. Close the window.

Now open Start / Programs / Accessories / Entertainment / Sound Recorder.

Go to File / Properties. Choose Recording formats and press Convert Now. In the new window select PCM under Format and 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Mono under attributes. Press OK twice.

You are now ready to record. Grap the microphone, press the record button and say "wop". Press the stop button.

Select File / Save as.... Choose a file name, and press OK. You are now the proud owner of a WAV-file with yourself saying "wop". Congratulations.

Go to the submit page a submit your wop to the collection.

I got an error message when I submitted my WAV file.

I will later get around to actually putting help for each error message here, but as for now I have not done so yet.

Try making the WAV file as described on the help page, and use Internet Explorer 5.5 or 6.0, Netscape 4.78 or 6.0 or Mozilla, as these are the systems I have tested the page on.

My WAV file didn't appear.

Try updating the page. It sometimes doesn't reload even if it was updated.

Otherwise this should only happen if you got an error message. If you got an error message, I have also received it, and may later recover your file. In that case you will be listed at that time.