The Great WOP project

What happened next they could not ignore. With a noise like a hundred thousand people saying "wop", a steely white spaceship suddenly seemed to create itself out of nothing in the air directly above the cricket pitch and hung there with infinite menace and a slight hum.

Welcome to yet another WOP project.

This site is yet another in the appreciation sites for "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy", a wholly remarkable book 1 by Douglas Adams.

People acquainted with the books may remember, that in "Life, The Universe and Everything", Douglas Adams describes the sound of a Krikkit ship landing as the sound of 100,000 people saying "wop" 2.

But how do 100,000 people saying "wop" actually sound? This is what this site is about. I will try to collect 100,000 people's samples of the word wop. These will then be merged, so we can hear what exactly it sounds like.

This is not the first site with that purpose, but the difference is, that this site is automatic. That means that even if I may get tired of the project, it will still live on. I do not plan to stop hosting this site.

How is it done?

When a .WAV file is submitted it is first converted to 44.100 kHz mono. If it's already in that format you will of course get the best results. Then noise at the beginning and the end is cut out.

The converted files will be saved separately with a unique ID, and a database will link these IDs with the name supplied. This name will be listed in the appreciation list, and the individual wops can be heard there.

All the files will now be merged from scratch. As long as there are relatively few files they will be merged whenever anyone transmits a wop. Later this may change to a daily update, is processing power becomes too expensive on my server.

How do I help?

Submit your own wop sound. If you don't know how to make a WAV file of you saying wop, read the help page.